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Teak Chaise Lounger Info

Teak Chaise Lounge Chairs made from the finest teak provide years of comfort and style to any outdoor setting. Classic styling gives you all the comfort you need and teak provides years of maintenance free outdoor living and comfort. There is no better way to relax by the pool, beach, lake, or mountains than on your teak chaise lounge chairs.

Naturally low maintenance, your teak chaise lounger can be sealed to maintain the beautiful honeytone color, or allowed to weather naturally to a rich, grey patina. Either choice, your teak chaise lounge chair will last decades.


The phrase "chaise lounge" actually originates from France. When you say, "chaise lounge" you are really saying "long chair." Chaise loungers are used to support a users body and stretched out legs. Over the years they have become quite sophisticated in style and function but they still provide a simple elegance outdoors. They can be manufactured with many types of outdoor materials but teak chaise loungers are the most durable and comfortable chaise lounger you will find.


Teak has earned the reputation for being the type of wood that is long-lasting, durable and low maintenance. Commercial and residential buyers have been interested in teak for years. More and more cruise ships and resorts are choosing teak for their outdoor areas because of their unique quality and beauty.

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